Frabo Srl - Particolari a disegno

CNC machined parts

Frabo has an extensive range of modern CNC lathes, capable of making rod elements from Ø 3 mm up to Ø 65 mm. The materials normally used are low and high alloy steels, stainless steels, brass and aluminium....

Frabo Srl - CNC machined parts
Frabo Srl - Particolari a disegno

Wire machined parts

Frabo’s choice has been to equip themselves with wire transfers in order to manufacture medium and mass produced parts at highly competitive conditions, compare to traditional bar lathes....

Frabo Srl - Wired machined parts
Frabo Srl - Particolari a disegno

Additional services

Frabo has specific equipments for special machining, such as threading by means of rolling, automated tooling, also on customer's semifinished pieces...

Frabo Srl - Additional services
Frabo Srl - Particolari a disegno

Logistics (Viteria Euganea)

Frabo is the manufacturing subsidiary of a Group, to which the Viteria Euganea SpA also belongs, the latter being specialized in supplying standard fasteners and customized pieces to industry...

Frabo Srl - Logistics